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Global fusion buffet

We are happy to commense our long awaited Global Fusion buffets where will combine various dishes around the globe into each meal everyday starting from 7pm to 10pm at a very reasonable price.

The buffet is open for everyone, visitors included

PAN African Parliament Conference

The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) is one of the nine organs proposed in the 1991 Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community (Abuja Treaty). Its purpose, as set out in article 17 of the AU Constitutive Act, is “to ensure the full participation of African peoples in the development and economic integration of the continent”. The Parliament is intended as a platform for people from all African states to be involved in discussions and decision-making on the problems and challenges facing the continent. 

The Parliament are here at our renowned Salon Amina holding a 5 day conference including breakfast and lunch breaks at the dormordula Restaurant.


Due to the frequent unstable power cuts, Senegambia Beach Hotel has successfully installed a new, high quality 500 KVA generator. This will reduce the effect of power cuts/failure which provides efficient and consistent electricity for guests and enjoy a more comfortable stay for all right here in the best hotel.